Mason McCann Smith

Let me introduce myself: I’m Mason McCann Smith.

My own novels have been published by Random House and several major European publishing companies, and I’ve self-published several others. I’ve edited best selling novels, and I’ve ghost written non-fiction books and memoirs.

I appreciate what it’s like to put your heart and soul into a book. I thoroughly enjoy helping other writers tell their stories in their own distinctive voices. I share the thrill when a first-time writer holds that fresh-off-the-press book, sees it on an e-reader, or opens Amazon to see it offered to the reading public.

  • Developmental Editing and Manuscript Critique
  • Copyediting and Proofing
  • Ghostwriting
  • Book Design and Independent Publishing

“Mason was a lifesaver and made a big difference to the book.” Naseem Rahka, author of The Crying Tree.

books_fanned_out“Mason’s novel Serafina churns with a brutal, lyrical physicality of bodies, torture and lust that paints a vivid and readable portrait of the time period. Thoughtful, well-researched and passionate.”
— Kirkus Reviews

“Mason brought a keen eye and a high level of sensitivity.” Eric Witchey, author of Beyond the Serpent’s Heart


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